Thursday, 11 November 2010

‘Every Curator’s Handbook’


‘Every Curator’s Handbook’ – an inspirational guide book dealing with various curatorial issues including; first-hand experiences, reflections on past projects or planning of a future project, other relevant topics as narrated by both emerging and established curators, and also artists’ experiences of working with or as a curator. We are motivated to create this publication in order to share with those—who like us—are at the early stages of their curatorial career and face specific professional dilemmas or questions that need to be clarified and explored further.

Rather than focusing on curatorial education (as in formal curating courses and the gaps in how they teach), we aim at something more open – profiling models of practice and raising discussion on current questions and problems, whether practical or conceptual.

Managing Editors

Anne Klontz
Karen MacDonald
Yulia Usova

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