Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Perfect Art Institution (PAI) *

they say that perfection has no limits...

PAI’s aim is to enable meaningful international collaboration and to serve as a platform for artistic and academic exchange.

PAI has a mobile and open structure that allows to meet new demands of constantly changing art practices and welcome new collaborations.

PAI’s activities focus on establishing and deepening dialogues about contemporary art and its role in Ukraine with international artists, curators and critics.

Special focus is given to the role of art in democratic societies and how art can be used as a tool to develop dialogues about democracy in Eastern Europe.

PAI has offices in Stockholm and Kiev.

Current activities:

- PAI develops a series of art projects in Kiev in October-November 2009 with Les Kurbas Center of Theater Art, Vision Forum and is supported by Swedish Institute, the Embassy of Sweden and the Embassy of France in Kiev

- PAI develops a series of lectures on contemporary art in collaboration with various partners

- PAI wants to develop a residency program for foreign contemporary artists in Ukraine.

* PAI is a project being developed within the frame of Vision Forum.


Anne Klontz, Curator (Stockholm)

Anne Klontz works within a continuous state of curatorial exploration and discovery. Her practice embraces the relationships between art, craft and design and is inspired by the conceptual expressions of exhibition making. She is particularly interested in creating atmospheres through which the experience of art is found in unique and unexpected locations.

After several years working as a graphic designer in the United States, Anne completed the International Curating Management Education at Stockhom University (2009) and finished her Master’s degree in curating at Link√∂ping University in 2010. She is currently a member of Vision Forum, an international platform for artists and curators.

Yulia Usova, curator (Kiev/Stockholm)

Having background in economics, practical experience in corporate PR/marketing, and a strong interest in the arts and culture, Yulia Usova has graduated the Master course in International Curating Management at Stockholm University in March 2008.

The same year she received 4 months’ grant to study at the University of Ideas, Cittadellarte (City of Arts) at Pistoletto Foundation, Italy. It gave her practical experience in social responsible change through art and gave possibility to develop and to realize new projects in Italy.

Her formal position as a curator is also accompanied by projects and concepts, which though they do not always seem to have a direct connection with curating, that she feels are important in broadening the term and role, whilst widening the range of possibilities of different types and definitions of work in the field of art.