Sunday, 3 January 2010

Photo-reportage: 'Your Place in the Industry of Contemporary Art'

a series of presentations, lectures and workshops
Oct-Nov 2009, Kiev, Ukraine.

«Industry of Art Biennials» - presentation by Yulia Usova, curator (Kiev/Stockholm) in HudGraf Gallery.

«Curatorial practice in Contemporary Russian art» - lecture by Olesya Turkina, critic/curator (St.Petersburg) in Ukrainian House.

Guests from St.Petersburg (from the left): artist Vladislav Monro, curator Olesya Turkina, artist Sergey Bugaev (Afrika).

An introduction by Sergey Bugaev (Afrika).

«Shadow Worlds of Translation and the Performativity of Apology» - a lecture by Paula von Seth, artist (Stockholm) in Les’ Kurbas Centre.

«Shaping the Shapers» - a lecture by Karen McDonald, curator (London) in Fund for Promotion of Arts Development.

«Artist’s Talk» by Olav Westphalen, artist (Prof. Kungl. Konsthögskolan Stockholm) in Collection Gallery.

«Power/Art/Humor in the Work of Olav Westphalen» - a presentation by Olav Westphalen in Les’ Kurbas Centre.

«The Invisible Generation - an International Denouncement of Reality» - a presentation by Per Hüttner, artist (Stockholm/Paris) in Les’ Kurbas Centre.

Inviting for a local specialty - Chicken Kiev.

Special events in Les’ Kurbas Centre:

«Life Forms» - workshop by Paula von Seth.

«New works and ideas in an unstructured format» - performances by the local artists and the students of Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm.

Media art festival and party at HudGraf Gallery.

An art gift for Kiev.

A final 'tea' party ))

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